Biography Of Gaurav Bhatia

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Gaurav Bhatia is part for this first generation of luxury marketers in India as well as runs his own luxe and lifestyle advisory cellular telephone. He comes from strong luxury pedigree having helmed LVMH and Sotheby’s in India for two many. He runs Maison, a luxury and lifestyle marketing advisory cell. From business development, brand strategy to events and recruitment of HNWIs, he offers a gamut of highly specialized services.

Gaurav is from Mumbai and joined the esteemed Cathedral & John Connon School. He then went to study Economics and Film-making at Middlebury College in the Ough.S.


Gaurav began his career as an advert man at Young & Rubicam Advertising spending a decade in New York on brands with regard to example Kraft, Sony, Heinz, Taj Hotels, Singapore Tourism, AT&T amongst others. He then moved to LVMH bringing into play MoetHennessy India with regard to the decade leading their champagne and spirits category, making Moet&Chandon and Hennessy market leaders. He also launched Chandon, a sparkling wine targeting young Indian millennial.

He followed to head South Asia for Sotheby’s, one in the world’s most prestigious auction houses called the driving force behind their inaugural India auction. Contributing to setting up, developing an improvement strategy and sustaining the force of the business, he provided advice and served in a venture development capability the company’s highest echelon of fans.

Named for that Power Connected with the Luxury industry, he serves on numerous industry and not-for-profit boards including Confederation of Indian Sell for Art and Culture. Contained in the first generation of luxury marketers in India, Gaurav is being an opinion leader and has contributed across media for instance the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, CNN, Mint, Economic Times, Times of India, The Hindu, Forbes, Vogue and Architectural Digest among most people. He lectures on how to build luxury brands and the ability of collecting’.

Gaurav recently been on India’s list of Cultural Evangelists and is his city’s best ambassador. (CNN). He’s hosted artists, designers, literati and international VIPs within the home that’s featured in Architectural Take in. Gaurav collects contemporary art, furniture and jewellery. She’s the go-to guy for his little black book of luxe hideouts across India. His Instagram handles was Architectural Digest’s pick of a tastemaker through exquisitely edited point-of-view on art, architecture, decor, design, luxury, travel and pattern.

Gaurav Bhatia recently launched MAISON’, a luxury, bridge-to-luxury and lifestyle advisory cell that plans to share on-line loan application of domestic and international luxury brands with Of india. Offer a connected with services towards the clients, MAISON believes from a long-term vision that develops the legacy of brands, encouraging creativity and business excellence. Among the services offered by MAISON include marketing solutions, business development ideas, branding and rebranding solutions, communication and content creation, PR, digital strategy, etc.

Art Collection:

He began collecting art when he was sixteen years old and sacrificed a escape to the Bahamas for 1st painting. Gaurav collects cross-category from South Asian contemporary art to classical art and antiquities, colonial and mid-century modern furniture and textiles. He’s a desire for decorative martial arts.


True luxury is world. It enriches your lifetime.

Zara or Sari? Anyone can have both. Just weigh using what ratio need your name fast fashion to slow luxury. And know the length of time your rupee can get in saving a tradition, in recognizing and uplifting our indigenous materials. It’s really inside your hands.

Gaurav Bhatia Sotheby’s is really a serious business. In times of slowdown, people may spend less, but true luxury brands always stand test of some cycles.

Multiculturalism, sustainability and individualism have never been more au courant than moment has come today, in the world burgeoning in political, social and economic difficulty. With blurring lines around traditional gender, diversity, and identity politics, the phrase the good life has been evolving as lots of internet marketers it. Responsible luxury is trending for the reason that new code and careless consumerism may soon be pass. Globe is different anymore. Thankfully neither is luxury.

Art will be the ultimate comfort.

Virtual collecting was my best alignment.


Gaurav functions a keen style what he hopes is intelligent having a bit of fun. He’s been featured on several Best Dressed Lists including GQ India, Hello, Mens XP a few. He is best famous for his selection of shawls as well as his crisp suits from The country of italy. He has a fondness for Herms ties and Charvet shirts.

Gaurav lived and worked in Ny for a decade, an urban area he fondly calls 1st home. They’ve a world traveller greater than the feeling his bucket list are Beirut, Marrakesh and Samarkand. His heart, however, pines for India and he’s a complete Indophile. Kashmir is a destination nearest his heart muscle.

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